E-Book Lesson

Effective Study Skills

Are you an active duty or veteran of the U.S. Military? Thinking of going back to school but are unsure how to begin? Dr. Cheryl Lentz offers tips for successfully navigating the journey back into the classroom, as an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student within the hallowed halls of academia.
This course will teach you:
▫What kind of learner you are (Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic) and how you learn best
▫Effective Time Management Skills to help balance your time as you navigate back into the classroom
▫Tips to begin to learn to think critically
▫Tips specifically for military to develop your academic writing
▫Effective study skills to contribute to your success as a student
•Please join me on this journey as I offer a path to shorten your learning curve as you return to the classroom as a member of the active duty military or as a veteran

Language of instruction: English
Requirements: E-book: Effective Study Skills in 5 Simple Steps. Cost for Course $300.00