Mind Tools for Business (PD)

Overloaded with information & demands? Learn brain based software and methods for lower stress memory & productivity as well as increased creativity. In less than 3 hours, begin using intuitive visual information mapping software to lighten the load on your memory while making it easier to refocus attention, learn, capture ideas & information, organize, and manage projects. This two week course shows you how to use neuroscience plus free software to extend your mind, free up time, and lower stress. Gain immediate benefits to personal information management, clarifying ideas, and fast ways to refocus attention. Gain long-term benefits from your electronically extended memory and detailed project or personal plans. This brain based learning is suited to anyone who wants an edge and can use a keyboard and mouse. Lifetime support (any question, any time) from the author of this course, research neuroscientist, professor, and small business owner Dr. Paul Greenberg. GECO Inc. All rights reserved. Cost for Course $200.00