Technology That Tutors: Save Time by Using the Blog as a Teaching Tool

What if we could leverage our time and clone ourselves? What if we could be available to our students whenever and wherever they wanted us, virtually?

•Technology offers such a solution with the creation of the blog. Think of the blog as technology that tutors 24/7. I started my blog in January of 2011 as an effort to create content once with the intent of using again and again in my classes. Welcome to the world of the blog where some of my efforts as a professor are now scalable. I can create a video (with transcript), embed on my blog, and simply provide the link to my students as the need or topic may arise in my class discussions. With a quick click of a mouse, I simply copy and paste the link and . . . Voila . . . I have now created a permanent supplemental teaching tool, i.e. with me as the teacher in the video using technology that tutors.

•Please join me on this journey as I offer a path to shorten your learning curve with increased efficiency in teaching methods as we look to the blog with 7 ways to save time by using the blog as a teaching tool.

•Language of instruction: English

•Requirements: Please purchase the e-Book (PDF available; Kindle: available here or Audio Book Available through

Cost for Course $200.00