Dr. Judy Blando

My name is Judy Blando. I live in Southern California, about half an hour SE from Los Angeles. I worked at Boeing’s Integrated Defense Systems in Long Beach, CA. I have worked at Boeing (previously Rockwell) for over 21 years. I am currently a Quality Specialist Program Manager on the B-1 Bomber program. I have previously worked on the C-17, Delta rockets, Space Shuttle, GBI (Ground-Based Interceptor) and GPS satellite programs.

I have two Bachelors, one in Business Administration and another in Business Management from the University of Phoenix (UoP) ‘ground school.’ I have a Masters degree in Organizational Management from UoP Online. I obtained my Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership from UoP Online. My dissertation topic was: Workplace Bullying: Aggressive Behavior and its Effect on Job Satisfaction and Productivity. My dissertation research is published on ProQuest and on WorkplaceViolence911.com at http://www.workplaceviolence911.com/docs/20081215.pdf. I am also published in The Refractive Thinker Series on amazon.com. I have two auditing certificates, Six Sigma Black Belt, and completed my Project Mgt cert (PMP).

My hobbies include walking, reading, traveling, watercolor painting, and I am just getting into yoga. On Sundays, I volunteer at Pug Nation of L.A and just rescued a Pug, named Doby.

I am a Professional Life Coach coaching executives on how to develop high performance organizations, coaching employees who have been targeted by bullies, and helping people establish and achieve goals. I am also a motivational speaker presenting workshops on Finding and Measuring your Joy.

I am on Linked-In as Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando and accept invitations. I do not accept Facebook invitations from learners.

Dr. Judy BlandoEmail: info@synergylearninginstitute.org