Dr. Kat Barclay

Dr. Kathleen Barclay brings extensive experience in corporate management and higher education to the classroom. After becoming one of the first teachers in Arizona to use computers in a classroom, she entered the high-tech industry and spent many years at management and executive levels for small to global corporations. As a 1996 pioneer in live e-learning development and implementation, she then provided ground-breaking research in the field of online, live instruction that is now referenced internationally, published The Live E-Learning Cookbook: Recipes for Success with three associates, and has a chapter in the edited textbook Flexible Learning in an Information Society.

Returning to academia over 10 years ago, Dr. Kat became a professor of management, psychology, research, leadership, and industrial organization concepts for university programs, including an exciting time in administration as the Director of Academic Affairs for the University of Phoenix doctoral School of Advanced Studies during a major growth phase. Combining these experiences with training in various organizational change management, sales, and performance productivity programs helps her facilitate student success. Over the years, Kat has published journal articles on leadership and trust in coaching, and several entries in edited books on adult learning techniques.

Dr. Kat is a Certified Executive Coach for a major International consulting firm, a founder of and business coach with StratVisions LLC, and a founder and wellness coach with Lifestyle Wellness Partners LLC. She holds certificates as a Positive Psychology Coach and a Solutions Focused Business Professional Coach for assisting clients to use their strengths to gain personal and professional success and improve business productivity. She holds the SHRM certification of Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Dr. Barclay earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, with a concentration in Organizational Systems, from Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco and an M.A. in Personnel Counseling with B.A. in Education from Arizona State University.

Dr. Kat BarclayEmail: info@synergylearninginstitute.org