Joshua Ducharme M. Ed

Joshua DuCharme has been working in the education system for the last 10 years. He holds a Masters in Education from National University, a CA Cleared Credential (CLAD) from National University, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from National University. In this last 10 years he has accomplished many things. He has taught second grade, fifth grade, special education, and online collegiate classes. He continues to serve on boards and committees at his school involving STAR Testing, WASC Accreditation, and helped in creating the technology task team at his school. He helped design the school’s website. He continues to serve in the community offering free tutoring services to struggling students and counseling to parents. His expertise extends much farther than the classroom and reaches deep into the community in which he lives. Among these things, Joshua DuCharme has been creating curriculum for K-12 and higher education and continues to teach both in the elementary classroom and the collegiate setting (both onground and virtual).

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