The Joan Taylor Scholarship:

Joan Taylor was known as a servant to the community. She brought joy to many people’s lives with creating crafts and brining everything from baby clothes to mothers in need to socks to the homeless.  Joan was also known for devoting her life to working with under privilege youth and young women.  Joan regularly mentored, taught, ran fund raisers, and annual teas to support scholarship funds for these women to do everything from go to their prom to church camp, to paying for college classes. She made a difference everywhere she went and her joy shinned through the darkest of times for people. Joan passed way in 2013 on May 17th but her family believes in making sure her passion and dreams for youth and young women in need carry on. In conjunction with Synergy Learning Institute two scholarships have been created in her memory.

Youth skills scholarship:

This scholarship is open to ninth to twelfth grades graders who are looking to take a skills course at a school, college, or certificate program. The student applying for the scholarship should write a 1-3 pg. essay on how taking this skills course will help better you and how you can apply this to your life and your goals.  The class needs to be listed as well as the school that has the class, when it will be running. All scholarship money will be sent directly to the school hosting the class the student is looking to take.


Synergy Learning Institute Professional development scholarship:

This scholarship is open to women 18 and up looking to take a professional development or skills course to enhance or learn a new skill. When applying for this scholarship the applicant needs to write a 3-5 pg. essay on why they want to take this class, how will it better you, what type of skills you will learn from this course?  Finally how can you apply them?  The scholarship can be applied to any courses at Synergy Learning Institute.