Synergy Learning Institute Women’s Program Goal is empower women to succeed in their careers. Synergy has a commitment to advancing women through empowerment, education, and mentoring.

Slippers to Stillettos


This women’s leadership program has been created to advance your FSET skills (Feminity, Self-Efficacy, Emotional intelligence, and Teamwork). Utilizing discussion, informal interactions, one on one instructor lead consultations in this 5 module course you will be able to explore your strengths, areas to improve in, and learn best practices, new research and share insights with your instructors who are industry experts. This course will re-energize you and prepare you to inspire and empower in your industry.

Lead and Empower Her Conference


The Lead and Empower Her Conference brings together insights from a diverse range of females from the entertainment industries, military, and big business. The conference will feature keynote speakers who are experts in their industries, provide interactive workshops, and business networking with a question and answer session. The Empowerment Team was formed to inspire and empower you in leadership, entrepreneurship, education, and more. You do not want to miss this powerful and inspirational women’s’ conference.

Lead and Empower Her Conference

Lead and Empower Her Meet-Ups Networking


These are global meetups around the country that are national and international that connect women and provide resources that can help them network, obtain professional development and continue the mission of SLI women’s program to Lead and Empower Her.

Combat Boots to Heels Women’s Veteran Program

Combat Boots to Heels Program

Combat Boots to Heels is a professional development program specific to women veterans in any stage of transition from the military and life. Our exclusive “Combat Boots to Heels” program arms female veterans with pride and stride as it is tailored to meet each individual where they are and guide them where they want to be.

Combat Boots to Heels Women’s Veteran Program

Emerging Youth Leader Program

We all know our future leaders are the key to success in this world. This program works with young women between the ages of 12-18. The goal is to empower young women to become leaders in their communities. Our program focuses on, building identity, self-confidence, and leadership training. For more information about this program email Dr. Julie Ducharme at

San Diego Women Veterans Network

SDWVN logo

The San Diego Women Veterans Network was started to raise awareness regarding the needs of San Diego’s women veterans, improve the coordination of service providers to specifically address female veteran topics, and to create a network of support for women veterans in our county.

Grrridiron Girls

The first female coach in the NFL, Dr. Jen Welter, partnered with the NFL Alumni to bring cities across the country a day of empowerment for girls. Get on the field and learn the game from NFL Alumni as they dive into each position. Also, hear from Jen Welter as she shares her personal journey in men’s professional football, her stint in the NFL and the importance of “Play[ing] Big” and being limitless.